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   Muslim College Student Reports Sexual Harassment, Gets Reported To FBI For Terrorism And Expelled

Muslim College Student Reports Sexual Harassment, Gets Reported To FBI For Terrorism And ExpelledA Muslim student at Connecticut's University of Bridgeport was expelled after attempting to report another student for sexually harassing her. After her school did nothing about it, the student or someone related to him apparently reported her for being a terrorist; she was subsequently investigated by the FBI and was dismissed from her school.

It started in 2008 when Balayla Ahmad enrolled in the university with high hopes of becoming a chiropractor. Not long after, a male student began sexually harassing her by making "sexual advances and graphic offensive comments about wanting to have sex with her." When she expressed her complaints to teachers, she was given dismissive responses and asked not to take it any further. When she spoke to the dean, he replied, "My hands are tied. What do you suggest I do?"

The apparent lack of interest in a sexual harassment case is disturbing enough, but what happened after that was even more so. Evidently seeking retaliation, the male who had been harassing her reported her as a terrorist to the FBI. Two agents came to her apartment to question her, and her school later told her that her sexual harassment complaint had been closed. She was dismissed from the school in June of 2009; her harassment claim closed before being resolved and having been investigated as a terrorist. Apparently a man harassing a woman just doesn't happen, but it's completely reasonable to assume that Ahmad was a terrorist; so reasonable, in fact, that the school Muslim-student-sues-Univ-of-Bridgeport-2470806.php" target="_blank">apparently did nothing to validate the claims before threatening her with arrest.

Since then, she has opened a lawsuit against the university last week for their failure to investigate her claims or those presented by the accused male. Ahmad's lawyer said that because the girl wore a hijab as part of her religion, she was targeted for the investigation with no proof. "They never investigated it. Had they done so, they would have discovered the accusations against her were false and she had been subject to sexual harassment," he said.

This case is one of many examples of the type of scrutiny that Muslims face in a time where Islamophobia runs rampant. It is certainly the FBI's duty to investigate possible dangers, but the school acted completely irresponsibly, both by dismissing a claim of sexual harassment and failing to look into any validity of claims that the student was a terrorist. This apathy resulted in Ahmad being let go from her school, with nothing happening to the man harassing her. It is unclear whether the school's attitude had anything to do with her faith for certain, but in today's world, it would not be a surprise.

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